How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally? 

Think you might be unexpectedly pregnant, and feel like abortion is your only option? Take a moment to take a deep breath and make an informed, confident choice with all the information available to you. Abortion is a serious medical procedure, and it’s wise to know all the facts first – both the potential physical risks and how it may impact your mental well-being. 

It is a factor worth considering, as the Mayo Clinic quotes that many women experience mixed emotions following an abortion, such as grief, sadness, relief, or guilt. Before you make your next steps, explore all aspects of what having an abortion may mean for you and your whole-person health. 

Does Abortion Cause Mental Health Problems? 

Every woman’s experience is unique, and it’s difficult to know exactly how abortion will affect you personally. However, some common consensus amongst medical professionals and researchers outlines how abortion experiences are related to higher rates of mental health concerns than those of women who have not experienced abortion. 

The APA Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion quotes in their research study that some women may “experience clinically significant disorders, including depression and anxiety,” following the termination of a pregnancy. 

Medical researcher David Fergusson also found in his study how abortion may result in several potential mental health effects for women. He concluded that: 

  • Abortion was an independent “risk factor for the onset of mental illness.”
  • At age 25, 42% of the women studied who had an abortion experienced major depression during the previous four years, twice that of other women.

The Mayo Clinic also similarly draws attention to the potential for mixed emotions and negative feelings following an abortion procedure. In some cases, this may include prolonged negative emotions that lead to greater mental health concerns and may necessitate seeking further help from a counselor. 

How Do I Manage My Mental Health Risks for Abortion? 

Some individuals may have unique risk factors that could present in mental health problems following an abortion. If you think these may be a concern for you, it would be wise to discuss them with a trusted professional.

Risk factors for mental health concerns following an abortion may include:

  • Feeling pressured by others to have an abortion 
  • Feeling unsupported 
  • Inadequate pre-abortion counseling

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