Considering parenting?

Becoming a parent is a life-changing decision. Making a decision to parent may seem difficult or even impossible but it can also be incredibly rewarding with the right support. First Care Clinic is here to support you. We can help you with a variety of resources including: prenatal vitamins, health insurance so you can start prenatal care, referral to a doctor, help with housing or finding other community resources.  We offer free classes on pregnancy and parenting for you, your partner, and others who may be supporting you through your pregnancy.

Reach out to us today if you want to learn more about parenting or how we can help you and the courses we offer to prepare you for your new adventure.

Parenting Support

Parenting can be an intimidating leap to take for anyone, especially for those who are facing unintended pregnancies. When times are difficult and you feel afraid or uncertain, remember that help is available. We are here to provide you with free support services, like our parenting education and pregnancy education programs. You can take advantage of these programs, build your skills and knowledge base, and be well on your way to becoming a better parent for your child.

If you want more information on parenting and have questions that need answers, make an appointment today at First Care Clinic to discuss your options with one of our staff members.

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