Support for Students

If you are currently attending high school or college, chances are that you did not expect to get pregnant. You were probably stressed about next week’s final or wondering about weekend plans with your friends. Now your life may feel like it has completely changed. Facing an unintended pregnancy might have you feeling overwhelmed, scared, confused, or all of the above. That’s okay. We can help. We want to help you make a plan so you can move forward.

Next Steps

You might think you are pregnant, but a missed period can sometimes be caused by other factors. To confirm your pregnancy, you should have a pregnancy test and ultrasound. You can receive both of these services for free in our clinic.

You Have Support

Remember that you are not alone in this situation.  We are here to help. We understand you may not want to talk about being pregnant to those around you. When you receive our support and services, we assure you that your information will remain completely confidential. It will be up to you to decide who and when you want to tell.

Healthy Relationships

As a student, there is a good chance that you and your partner’s relationship may be young as well. If you two have not been together very long and you have certain doubts, it is a good idea to evaluate your relationship.

Questions to consider

  • Is your relationship based on trust?
  • Do you feel respected in your relationship?
  • Do you and your partner look out for the best interests of each other?

How we can help

Everyone wants healthy relationships, but sometimes we are not sure how to get there or what a healthy relationship looks like. We can help you, no matter what your age, to make wise choices about relationships, from friendships to romance to familial relationships. We can discuss topics that include safe and unsafe people, communication, creating healthy boundaries and more.

Healthy relationships are achievable for anyone – they just require work. If you have questions about your relationship or how to make it a healthier one, contact us today. We would be happy to help.


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