Is Abortion My Only Option if I Don't Have Any Money?

Abortion is not your only option when you’re in need of resources and support. Many organizations are ready to help you if money is tight right now.

1. Adoption

Adoption is one of the most cost-effective options during pregnancy. During an adoption, the adoptive family typically covers all necessary costs, such as medical expenses and sometimes more costs, depending on your state.

This option presents many benefits if you’re willing to carry your pregnancy to term. You have the opportunity to give a couple the chance to grow their family. You also can feel confident that your child will grow up in a stable home environment.

In an adoption plan, you choose the adoptive family, who undergoes extensive background checks and home studies. You can decide the lifestyle you want for your child or how much contact you want to have as your child grows up.

While not emotionally easy, it’s a selfless act that provides a future for your child and joy for an adoptive family.

2. Parenting

If your heart is set on parenting, don’t let money stand in the way. There are so many resources available to help, starting with us.

We can help connect you with resources, free classes, and other organizations to make parenting an option for you. We can walk you through signing up for health insurance through Medicare, finding housing, and equipping you for the road ahead.

You’re not alone! We can support you.

3. Kinship Care

Kinship care is when an adult family member or an adult with family ties (like a stepmother or godmother) cares for your child for a time.
If you have a responsible relative willing to help, this can be an option if you’re not currently ready to parent. There are different types of kinship care options that could work for your specific situation.

Money or No Money, You Have Options

You deserve to choose the best option regardless of your finances.

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