My birth control failed: What do I do?

If your birth control failed, take a deep breath. It’s okay. The future might be uncertain, but you control what happens next.

After a positive pregnancy test, the first step is to confirm your result with a medical-grade test and an ultrasound. You can schedule this appointment for free at First Care Clinic.

Confirming Your Pregnancy: Why it Matters

You may wonder why confirming your pregnancy matters after a positive pregnancy test. It matters because an at-home pregnancy test can only tell you whether or not the hormone hCG (produced during pregnancy) is present in your urine.

You will not know these other factors until you have an ultrasound:

  • Whether or not your pregnancy is progressing (you haven’t miscarried)
  • Whether or not your pregnancy is located inside the uterus
  • Your pregnancy’s gestational age (how far along you are)

Experiencing pregnancy loss is not uncommon. About 10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage before the 20th week, and about 2% of pregnancies are ectopic, which are non-viable pregnancies outside of the uterus.

Understanding Your Options

An ultrasound will tell you if your pregnancy looks like it will continue and provide other specific details that reveal your options.

For instance, the abortion pill is only FDA-approved for use through the first ten weeks (70 days) of pregnancy. After this timeframe, a surgical abortion may be considered safer.

Knowing your pregnancy is progressing will also open doors for parenting and adoption. An ultrasound can give you an estimated due date, which will help you plan.

What Option Is Right for You?

Only you can decide which pregnancy option is the right one for you.

Having your birth control fail is an unexpected circumstance, but you are not stuck. You have three options: parenting, abortion, and adoption.

Explore your emotions during this time. What do you truly want? What do you envision for your future?

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