Why you need an ultrasound before abortion

Finding out you’re pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. And if you are considering your options and thinking about abortion, then you should understand the different types of abortion.


There are two types of elective abortion procedures.

Surgical Abortion


Surgical abortion is a medical procedure that must be done in a medical clinic. Before you can have a surgical abortion the medical staff should first perform an ultrasound to judge the size and location of your pregnancy, as this will determine which abortion procedure will be conducted. 


Because of the invasive nature of surgical abortion, there can be complications for your body. That’s why it’s important to ask questions and understand the risks as well as potential long term side effects to your body and your future fertility. 


Medical Abortion


Medical abortion is commonly known as the abortion pill, even though the procedure is usually conducted through a process involving two different pills. The first pill is administered and taken at the medical office, and the second pill is taken at least 24 hours later at your home. 


While medical abortion is less invasive than a surgical abortion there are still known risks and side effects to be aware of. This is because a medical abortion involves doses of strong hormones that force your body to reject your pregnancy, so it will be important for you to know what symptoms to be aware of and how your body is reacting to the medication. 


It’s also important to know a medical abortion is only effective in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. This means that, just as with a surgical abortion, an ultrasound will still be required to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy and if a medical abortion is an option for you.


Know your options, take control


If you just found out you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, the sooner you act the more options you have. That’s why the best first step you can take is to pick the best medical clinic to confirm your pregnancy and perform an ultrasound to determine the details you’ll need to know about your pregnancy. 


Unlike other medical reproductive clinics that make money from your decision, First Care Clinic provides free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and details about your options at no cost to you. This means you can get the information you need with no strings attached. It’s your body and your future, so you deserve to get the facts you need to make the best decision. Contact First Care Clinic today to schedule a free appointment, and take control of your life.

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