What Can I Do if My Parents Want Me to Get an Abortion That I Don't Want?

Feeling pressured into a pregnancy decision can be a challenging situation for anyone. Whether you’re being urged into an abortion by a parent or partner, we’re here to help.

You don’t have to make a decision you don’t want to make. Schedule a free appointment today to discuss your options with a caring team member.

Here are three facts to know as you navigate this situation.

1. It’s YOUR Decision.

While respecting your parents and understanding their position is important, a pregnancy decision carries more weight. It’s a choice that will become a part of your story.

For your mental health, it’s critical that you make your pregnancy decision outside of peer pressure. Being pressured into an abortion can raise your risk for negative mental health impacts.

Give yourself space to clear your head and evaluate what you want for your pregnancy.

 2. You Have Three Options.

Every woman has three options: abortion, parenting, and adoption. If the thought of parenting right now is difficult, but so is abortion, adoption could be an option for you.

Adoption requires transferring parental rights to an adoptive family that you can choose to raise your child. While it’s not an easy choice, as you will still carry your pregnancy to term, it leads to a gift to another family.

You can choose how much or how little contact you want with the adoptive family and your child. It also can be an affordable option as the adoptive family generally covers many expenses. You do not pay for any adoption services.

While we are not an adoption agency, we can share more information and refer you to a reputable agency if you’re interested in learning more about it.

 3. There Are Many Resources Available.

If, in reality, you want to parent and aren’t sure how to make it work, there are a variety of resources and organizations to help.

Our clinic is an excellent starting point as we can provide early pregnancy services and share information on options and resources. We can also refer you to other organizations to assist with your needs.

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