What can I do if My partner doesn't support my pregnancy?

If your partner doesn’t support your pregnancy right now, take a deep breath. So much could change in the coming weeks and months.

Keep reading for encouragement and to learn what you can do if you are in this situation. You can also visit First Care Clinic for confidential support and early pregnancy services in a safe space.

1. Give Him Space

If your partner doesn’t support your pregnancy, take a step back and give him some space. He may not have fully processed his emotions after you shared the news.

With such a significant life event, it’s critical that you take time for yourself as well to sort through your emotions and opinions free from any outside pressure.

It can be healthy for your partner to do the same. After you’ve both adjusted to the news and considered your future plans, you can set a time to discuss the situation.

2. Tell Him How You Feel

When you get together to talk about your pregnancy, share your honest thoughts and feelings.

How do you feel about your pregnancy and your relationship right now? What has been on your mind? Invite him to share with you, too.

This open conversation will help you both understand each other and communicate better.

3. Remember What You Have Control Over

While your partner could change his mind, it’s possible he might not. Even if your partner does not come to support your pregnancy or decision, it’s critical that you do not dwell on this.

You cannot control his thoughts, reactions, or opinions; you are not responsible for persuading him. Free yourself from feeling like you have to get your partner on the same page.

However, you can control what’s most important: what you decide for your pregnancy and future.

4. Know That You Have the Final Say

As the pregnant one in the relationship, you have the final say.

Evaluate all your options, and do not let your partner or others pressure you into a decision you do not want to make. This choice will impact you more than anyone else.

Do You Want to Talk About It?

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