If you’re facing an unintended pregnancy and are stuck at a crossroads when it comes to your decision, getting an ultrasound is the perfect next step in making an informed choice!

Here are five reasons you should get an ultrasound scan before you make a choice for your pregnancy:

confirm your pregnancy

Pregnancy tests are a great place to start if you suspect you are pregnant, however, they aren’t the only step in confirming a pregnancy.

Ultrasounds are essential in confirming a viable pregnancy — meaning the fetus has a chance of surviving to term and living on its own outside of the womb.

If your ultrasound reveals that your pregnancy has ended naturally or the fetus has a condition that you and your doctor will need to be aware of.

NARROW your pregnancy options.

Your ultrasound will determine the age of your pregnancy. For women considering carrying their pregnancy to term, the gestational age of the fetus will determine the potential due date, giving you insight into what to expect in terms of your parenting or adoption path.

If you are considering abortion, knowing the age of your pregnancy will help narrow your abortion options and determine the costs you might face.

There are various forms of abortion, including different medical and surgical means, and your eligibility for each will depend on how far along you are.

help your doctor identify serious health conditions

Getting an ultrasound will help identify any medical conditions that could lead to abortion complications.

One serious condition to rule out early on in pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are pregnancies that develop outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes.

Without immediate medical attention, ectopic pregnancies can be fatal. These pregnancies are also non-viable.

bring connection and clarity you wouldn’t otherwise have

While it’s important to consider the facts and figures when it comes to making an informed choice, it’s also key to take into account how you’re feeling. Ultrasounds are a great way to figure out how you feel about your pregnancy and seeing your pregnancy there on the screen in front of you may be all the information you need to feel confident in your decision.

Ultrasounds are free at a pregnancy clinic near you!

We know unexpected pregnancies typically mean unexpected expenses. That’s why First Care Clinic provides all of our pregnancy healthcare services at no cost to you, including ultrasound scans, pregnancy testing, STI testing, and medical consultations.

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