So you think your girlfriend or partner might be pregnant?

We offer help through resources, consultations, and classes. Here’s some quick advice that may benefit you through your partner’s unplanned pregnancy.

Do this:

  • Stay calm. It’s normal to be scared and unsure. Try not to overreact at this point because it will only add more stress.
  • Listen. She’s scared and unsure of what the future holds too. Spend time just listening to her.
  • Talk about it. Not only with each other but with parents and others you trust. Hiding the news from people who can genuinely help you only increases the stress. Text NEED TO TALK to 608-259-1605 to talk to someone on staff.
  • Gather all the facts. Get all the information so you can make the best decision for both of you.

Don’t do this:

  • Don’t walk away. This is most likely a difficult time for both of you, so don’t leave. The more you run from this, the harder it becomes to think and act clearly.
  • Don’t pressure her. Applying pressure will only push her away. Instead, try to work together as a team.
  • Don’t forget that you are important in this decision. Your opinion and voice matter.

First Care Clinic Help for Men

  • Text for answers–If you have questions about a pregnancy, text them to 608-259-1605 and we’ll help you find answers.
  • Meet with another guy–Call or text to schedule a meeting with another guy who will listen and help you think through difficult issues.
  • Men’s Program–a program designed to help you become the man you want to be. Choose from more than twenty different topics, such as:
      • healthy relationships
      • managing your emotions
      • resolving conflict
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Education for Men–Information on pregnancy and parenting. You choose the lessons. You reap the reward: Vouchers which can be used in our Beginnings Boutique to acquire needed personal, maternity, and baby items.
  • Childbirth Education Classes for Men–Learn about labor, delivery, and newborn care from a trained childbirth educator. Those who attend earn vouchers which can be used in our Beginnings Boutique.
  • Abortion Recovery Support–Men, like women, may suffer a profound sense of loss following an abortion.

Like all services First Care Clinic provides, programs for men are free of charge and confidential. If you would like to learn more about the programs we have to support men with pregnant partners, reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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