You just found out you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy. Some of your greatest fears are likely about breaking the news to your parents. You’re not alone! 

While no woman dreams of telling her parents she’s facing an unintended pregnancy, with some simple tips and intentional preparation, this dreaded conversation may go much smoother than you’d expect!

First Care Clinic is here to help you navigate this challenging time and come up with a game plan for how to tell your parents that you’re pregnant.

Confirm your pregnancy

Before you freak out about how you’re going to tell your parents, we recommend confirming your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound scan, both of which you can receive for free at our clinic.

An ultrasound will reveal if your pregnancy is viable and will help identify any health concerns. It will also give you important information like the pregnancy’s location and gestational age.

Identify how you feel about the pregnancy

Many women find out they’re pregnant and immediately start thinking about the reactions and thoughts of others — “What will my partner think? My friends? My parents?!”

While you’ll eventually need to consider how you’ll tell the people closest to you, it’s important to take a step back and consider how you feel about your situation.

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy, as best as you can, separate your feelings from what you think others will say or think. 

In the case of an unexpected pregnancy, you have three options — parenting, adoption, and abortion. While this isn’t an easy choice and you certainly don’t need to make a decision right away, take some time to think through and explore your options.

If you’re looking for more information on the options and resources available to you, make an appointment to speak with our medical professionals. The more information you have regarding all of your options, the more empowered you will feel as you prepare to discuss your situation with your parents.

Be thoughtful about when and where you tell them

There’s no “perfect” way to tell your parents you’re pregnant, but taking time to decide when and where to have this conversation should help it go as smoothly as possible.

Your parents will likely be surprised and need some time to take in the news. With that said, don’t tell them as they’re rushing out the door. Instead, make sure they’ll have time to give the conversation the attention it will need. 

Likewise, pick a location where everyone will feel comfortable to express their feelings. For example, don’t tell them while they’re driving or while you’re out to dinner.

Find the right words to say

Saying the words “I’m pregnant” to your parents might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but you will likely feel a deep sense of relief after telling them. As you find the words, remember that your parents want the best for you. Keep it simple, get the words out, and allow them to digest what you’ve just told them.

Prepare for their reaction

While you might be surprised by your parents’ reactions, you know them well and you can likely guess to a degree how they are going to respond. Take some time to prepare yourself for their responses beforehand. Woman wonders How Do I Tell My Parents

Remember that their initial reactions will likely be the strongest. As they adjust and process how they’re feeling, many of the initial emotions will fade away. In order to keep the conversation productive, try to keep your reactions to their responses as neutral and understanding as possible. 

If you feel like it would be helpful to have someone there with you, consider bringing a friend, mentor, or your partner.

Express how you feel

Once your parents have expressed their feelings, make it clear how you feel. Try to be vulnerable and honest with your parents, expressing any feelings of fear, worry, or anxiety. If you’ve come to feel excited about the idea of parenting, tell them and express that you would love their support.

If you’ve received an ultrasound, consider showing them the image and sharing any other information you’ve learned about your pregnancy. Providing your parents with insight into how you feel and what you’ve learned might help them adjust and move into a supportive role.

Get help from an advocate

If you’re still feeling anxious or would like more guidance about how to best tell your parents that you’re pregnant, there’s help! First Care Clinic’s amazing advocates and nurses are here to help guide you through this process!

From no-cost healthcare to pregnancy and parenting education and resources, we’re here to help empower you to make the choice that’s best for your future! 

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